About us

Our evolution is called Kinetic Vibe!


Kinetic Vibe is the reslut of a project several years in the making. With our roots as KpopItalia, we managed to create a little microcosmos in Italy in which everyone with a strong passion and motivation found the way to grow up and stand out following their passions and dreams.

With the belief and strength in our strong and emotional passion for music, we were able to host several themed parties and our first concert events with Korean groups Lunafly, NU’EST, and Block B.

Those experiences made us understand that we get great satisfaction in creating events with high emotional impact for our audience. That understanding is what lead us to the vision of Kinetic Vibe – a high quality event agency.


Kinetic Vibe will be the explosion of this vision with our main concept and mission being to create high emotional impact events, following progress with passion. We are always going to provide our audience a great emotion FIRST, with related products and services.

Our promise is to always give our audience 100% satisfaction and 360° support. We will always work hard to turn your unique moments into unforgettable memories.
Your passion is the reason we exist, your joy is our passion, and our passion will become your emotional satisfaction.


In the future, Kinetic Vibe, will be the leading European event agency for concerts, conventions, and many other different kind of themed events. We aim to be the best and to always keep our customers satisfied by creating events that will fulfill their dreams.

  • Share moments;
  • Share passion;
  • Share feelings;
  • Share memories;
  • Share progress;
  • Share life;
Share it all with Kinetic Vibe!

Our evolution is called Kinetic Vibe!

Getting in touch with fandom, fanspage, bloggers and promoter Europeans have expanded the team to be more surprising and quick to transform dreams into reality.

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Zico – Member of Block B

“We were surprised by the reception of European fans and for the beauty of the girls. Everything we have seen there remained in the heart and can not wait to return to work with KpopItalia”


Fan message

“I forgot to thank you all for the awesome concert! Really, I had one of the best times of my life. Everything was perfect. I LOVE YOU KPOPITALIA ♡”