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Fandom Vibes - Digital 4

Saturday, June 19 @ 10:00 AM

Venue: Zoom!

Your home

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If you purchase a Video Message or Autograph, you will receive via email a form to fill AFTER the shop is closed to send your message/personalization.

Time Schedule

For Europe, the event will take place during the afternoon and up to 2AM, but there might be activities earlier in the day depending on the guests' locations.

FREDDY CARTER ACTIVITIES might happen between 11AM and 4PM, or between 4PM and 10PM.

It's not confirmed yet, so make sure to purchase an activity only if you're available the whole day or can make yourself available.

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Hai mai desiderato incontrare o interagire con i tuoi attori e VIP preferiti? 
Noi ti offriamo la possibilità di farlo restando comodamente a casa!

Unisciti a noi il 19 Giugno 2021 per Fandom Vibes Digital 4!
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Have you ever wished to meet or interact with your favorite actors and VIPs? 
We can give you the chance to do it comfortably from home!

Join us on June 19th 2021 for Fandom Vibes Digital 4!
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For Video Messages and Autographs, AFTER the shop will close you will receive via email a form to fill with the message/personalization to send to the guest.